Next Parish Council Meeting

8th July 2019 7pm held in the Cridling Stubbs Village Hall

Cridling Stubbs Parish Council serves the residents of Cridling Stubbs, a small village at the southern end of the Selby District in the ward of Whitley and the division of Osgoldcross.

Once a year (at the May meeting), Members elect a Chair, and decide who will represent the Parish Council on any relevant outside organisations.

Every four years there is an election, and anyone over 18 years who is resident or lives within a 4km radius may stand. The Council can have up to 5 Councillors. At the first meeting of a new Council the Members have to sign an Acceptance of Office and agree to abide by the adopted Code of Conduct.

Members also have to complete and sign a Register of Interests and declare personal and prejudicial interests in any relevant matter on the Agenda.

The Council operates to Standing Orders and Financial Regulations tailored to the Parish Council.



A list of our councillors along with contact information and which committees they are on.


Because we are a small parish council we do not have sub-committees.  All matters are discussed before the full committee.

Attendance at Parish Council meetings

All Parish Council and Committee Meetings are open to the public. If you are an elector of Cridling Stubbs, and have a question for the Parish Council, or a point you want to make, or raise any matters that fall within the remit of the Parish Council, why not come along and have your say?   The date of our next meeting can be found in the What’s On section.

Papers for the meetings including agenda and minutes can be found by clicking the link below.

Meetings and events



Full details of the financial  transactions of the Parish Council can be found here.

Freedom of Information

To find out what information is available from your Parish Council please click here.

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